BCS Cadre Salary Scale in Bangladesh 2023

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If you are an aspiring civil servant in Bangladesh, one of the most important things you will want to understand is the BCS Cadre Salary Scale. The Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) is the backbone of the country’s administrative system, and knowing the intricacies of their salary structure is crucial for anyone looking to join their ranks.

What is BCS Cadre in Bangladesh?

The Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) Cadre is one of the most important cadres in the BCS, and it is responsible for the overall administration of the country. It is divided into 26 different categories, each of which has a specific set of responsibilities. Some of the most common categories in the BCS Cadre include:

  • Administration: This category is responsible for the overall administration of the country.
  • Finance: This category is responsible for the management of the country’s finances.
  • Law: This category is responsible for the administration of justice in the country.
  • Health: This category is responsible for the provision of healthcare in the country.
  • Education: This category is responsible for the provision of education in the country.

How you will become BCS Cadre?

To become a member of the BCS Cadre, you must pass a competitive examination that is administered by the Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC). The examination is divided into two parts: a written examination and an oral examination.

If you are successful in the examination, you will be appointed to a position in the BCS Cadre. Your initial position will be determined by your performance in the examination. You will then have the opportunity to progress through the ranks of the BCS Cadre based on your performance and experience.

The BCS Cadre is a prestigious and rewarding career path. If you are interested in a career in public service, then the BCS Cadre is a great option.

Here are some of the benefits of being a member of the BCS Cadre:

  • Competitive salary: BCS officers receive a competitive salary, which is commensurate with their level of responsibility.
  • Job security: BCS officers have job security, and they are not subject to layoffs or furloughs.
  • Benefits: BCS officers enjoy a number of benefits, including a pension, medical care, and leave.
  • Opportunities for advancement: BCS officers have opportunities for advancement, and they can progress through the ranks of the BCS Cadre based on their performance and experience.

BCS Cadre Salary in Bangladesh

According to the 8th National Pay Scale of Bangladesh, which was last revised in 2015, a BCS cadre officer’s starting salary is 22,000 taka. This includes medical and house allowances. The BCS cadre starting basic salary is equivalent to the 9th grade in the pay scale which is the lowest grade. The highest grade in the pay scale is the 1st grade, which has a basic salary of 78,000 taka.

Here is a table of the BCS Cadre Basic Salary Scale 1st to 9th grade:

Grade 8th National Pay Scale for BCS Cadre in BDT (Taka)

BCS Cadre Salary Area Wise

AreaBasic SalaryHouse AllowanceMedical AllowanceTotal Taka
Dhaka City Corporation23,10012,7051,50037,305
Other City Corporation23,10010,3951,50034,995
District or Upazila23,1009,2401,50033,840
  • When a BCS cadre is appointed in Grade-9, he joins work with an increment (5% of basic pay).
  • Dhaka City Corporation area house allowance is 55%, other City Corporation 45%, and district or upazila is 40%.

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