Bangladesh National Pay Scale 2023 – Govt Jobs Salary Grade

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Government jobs are becoming more popular because of their unique benefits, including job security, access to public facilities, and competitive salaries. While other jobs, such as corporate positions at multinational corporations or technical roles at development organizations, are known for their high salaries, government jobs also offer a wide range of pay.

What is Bangladesh National Pay Scale?

The Bangladesh National Pay Scale is a system of pay grades for government employees in Bangladesh. It was introduced in 1973 and has been revised several times since then. The current National Pay Scale is the 8th, which was implemented in 2015.

The National Pay Scale sets out a range of basic salaries for different grades of government employees. The basic salary is the starting point for calculating an employee’s overall salary, which includes allowances and other benefits. The basic salaries in the National Pay Scale range from 8,250 BDT (lowest) to 78,000 BDT (highest). Also sets out a system of increments for government employees. Increments are awarded annually based on an employee’s performance. The amount of the increment depends on the employee’s grade and performance.

It is a comprehensive system of pay for government employees in Bangladesh. It provides a clear framework for setting salaries and allowances, and it ensures that government employees are paid fairly and consistently.

How much do Government employees get paid?

Here is a table of the basic salaries in the 8th National Pay Scale:

SL No.Position NamePosition GradePay Scale in BDT (Taka)
1Secretary / Chief Secretary1st grade78,000 (assigned)
2Additional Secretary/equivalent2nd grade66,000-76,490
3Joint Secretary/equivalent3rd grade56,500-74,400
4Deputy Secretary/equivalent5th grade43,000-69,850
5Senior Assistant Secretary / Deputy Director6th grade35,500-67,010
6Assistant Secretary9th grade22,000-53,060
Assistant Director
Protocol Officer
Research and teaching officer
7Administrative Officer10th grade16,000-38,640
Personal Officer
Assistant Protocol Officer
Assistant Estate Officer
Senior Staff Nurse
Data entry/control supervisor
8Estate Inspector11th grade12,500-30,230
Assistant Superintendent12th grade11,300-27,300
Imam13th grade11,000-26,590
Steno-typist cum computer operator13th grade11,000-26,590
Assistant Security inspector14th grade11,000-26,590
Car driver15th grade9,700-23,490
Office assistant cum computer operator16th grade9,300-22,490
PPC operator16th grade9,300-22,490
Duplicating machine operator17th grade9,000-21,800
Security Assistant18th grade8,800-21,310
Muazzin19th grade8,500-20,570
9Office Assistant20th grade8,250-20,010
Camera assistant
Keykeeper cum office assistant
Security guard
20th grades government employees salary

The Bangladesh National Pay Scale has 20 grades for government employees. However, there is another pay scale for higher-level employees, such as the President, Prime Minister, and Speaker of Parliament. These employees do not fall under the National Pay Scale grading system, but instead fall under the Remuneration and Privileges Act.

The table below provides more details about the remuneration of these high-level employees:

National Pay Scale GradeBasic Salary in BDT (Taka)Position
Senior Secretary, Lt General82,000Senior Secretary/Lt General
General, Admiral, Marshal, Cabinet Secretary86,000General/Admiral/Marshal/Cabinet Secretary
State Minister of Bangladesh92,000State Minister
Bangladesh Leader of opposition105,000Leader of opposition
Minster of Bangladesh105,000Minster
Chief Justice of Bangladesh1,10,000Chief Justice
Speaker of Bangladesh Parliament1,12,000Speaker of Parliament
Prime Minister of Bangladesh1,15,000Prime Minister
President of Bangladesh1,20,000President
High-level employees

Prime Minister (PM) salary in Bangladesh 2023

According to the Nation Pay Scale, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s monthly salary is 1,15,000 Taka (BDT).

Final Word

The Bangladesh National Pay Scale is a key part of the country’s public sector salary structure. It plays an important role in keeping a motivated and efficient workforce while ensuring financial responsibility.

In this article, we try to share accurately amount of Govt Jobs Grades Salary in Bangladesh.

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